Panning For Gold

For Charlie Farmer It strikes the eye, dear heart. New settlers, cherry haired Celts. Granite ascetics in cowhide. They flooded the arid valley just this month, dear heart. Panning for new fertile pastures. Clearing away clutter, dear heart. Left by the careless. Speculated, discarded. From where I stand, the sap glistening from unlikely roots, reflecting … Continue reading Panning For Gold

North West Burlesque Society

It is in the Dionysian quarter, an aureate theatre where an aurora of skittering femme-cerise blaze fathoms. On the borrowed dais, fine grind cuts a lustrous emulsion, the gathered sway the delicate beats of Heliconius Sapho. The rhodium globe shimmies in obsidian verse, modulating strata in body declensions, bitten poses, breastfed rose divinity, onlooker seances … Continue reading North West Burlesque Society